Closeup horizontal photo of outdoor furniture on open cedar patio with seasonal trees in full bloom in background


A new deck will create a great, comfortable outdoor room with all the benefits of the nature’s best scenery. It will become the place to host friends and family events and enjoy the outdoors.

Decks  can add value to any home,  and give you  lots of fun times , especially in the summer nights.

Decks can be built in  many shapes or styles. All you need is to visualize your deck, and we can help you transforming it into reality.

We like to use green alternatives in building your deck. Our preference is towards TimberSIL products. TimberSIL has been determined by the EPA to be a non-toxic barrier product. It is completely non-toxic and non carcinogenic to adults and children. There are no VOC produced by TimberSil, making it essentially an inert material.