An aging bathroom can easily be converted into a state of the art room, with outstanding designs and high quality fixtures, creating a place of relaxation and joy.

There are 5 factors that we take into consideration when remodeling a bathroom:

  1. 1.Function: What does the customer want and what does he need?

 There are couples of reasons for remodeling a bathroom, such as:

  1. a) Water leaks or moisture that call for structural repairs.
  2. b) A longing for a bathroom more functional
  3. c) Need to accommodate large family
  4. d) Desire to improve the bathroom appearance and / or to upgrade fixtures and appliances.
  1. 2.Pre-Existing Conditions: Are there any functional or performance problems that exists in the bathroom space?

– Moisture or mold present?
– Mechanical, electrical or structural issues?
– Insufficient room size and layout?
– Any health or mobility issues that call for a total remodel?

  1. 3.Scope. Any other remodeling items that need attention at the time of the bathroom remodel?

– We pride ourselves in helping the customer maintain a focus on personal needs    and wants.

  1. 4.Size. Can the existing space accommodate the new bathroom remodel, or does it need expansion into another room or additional space?

Reconsidering the bathroom functions to satisfy new needs can be done by careful reconfiguration of the existing space.

  1. 5.Layout and space: Will the bathroom plan have a balance between utility, aesthetics and resource efficiency?

–  Detailed space planning can convert the customer’s idea / vision into reality.